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  • Multifunctional - This acupoint pen is a multifunctional massage tool, including acupoint pointing, massage, pressing, etc.It is easy to use,can be used by all muscle ache and fatigue people and athletes to massage and relax their muscles. Physical therapists can use it to provide professional services for their customers and reduce the burden on their fingers.
  • Material - This deep tissue massage tool is made of high quality Bian Stone,smooth and durable, you know,this kind of Bian Stone includes a lot of beneficial micro-elements, very helpful to body health care and skin beauty,the natural jade gemstone trigger massage pen can extremely help to Relax muscle soreness,Reduce wrinkles and Improve complexion.
  • How To Use? - There are two ways to use the massage tool, sliding and pressing. We recommend using sliding to massage the skin, such as eyes, cheeks, etc. By pressing effective pressure points to relieve tension headache and muscle ache, you can choose to use a large massage head or small massage head depending on the situation.
  • Efficacy Benefits - Helps you apply the perfect amount of pressure with minimal effort to get a deep trigger point massage, Calm painful muscle knots and aches in your back, neck, shoulders, and more with a few easy moves. Effective pressure point therapy eases tension headaches and sore muscles & helps athletes recover.
  • Warranty - 180-Day Quality Guarantee (the new free replacement will be sent or 100% money back after you contact us firstly).

Eikeefyer Bian Stone Manual Acupuncture Pen

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